Winston Churchill - The Early Years Listen now (62 min) | In this episode with David Lough: Winston Churchill was a product of late 19th century British aristocracy. Today, we learn about the habits, practices, finances of the aristocracy and what propelled Winston Churchill to the Parliament. Show Notes:
She was welcomed more in Belgrade than in any city in her home country
Petty Tyrants with Roger ShulerListen now (116 min) | Roger Shuler would be called a political prisoner if he were in any other country. In 2014, Shuler was arrested after he refused…
Legally, no, the Police have no Duty to Protect and Server
Your Historical Question Today, is your day to ask any question you want about history, current events, politics. No question is too silly or too dumb. I will try to ans…
The Story of Your Smartphone with Keith Spencer Listen now (51 min) | In this episode, Keith Spencer, author of A People’s History of Silicon Valley joins to tell us the story of our smartphones. We …
How the Daughters of the Confederacy Stole History
There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark with Torkil LauesenListen now (52 min) | Torkil Lauesen is probably the closest thing we have to a real life Robin Hood. Being a child of the cold-war, observing the stru…
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