Political Art From Marie Antoinette To Ben Garrison with Eli Valley and Jason KatzensteinListen now (65 min) | 1:00 - What is Political Cartooning? 3:11 - Evolution of Political Cartooning to “hackwork.” Political art gets point across better than the editorial format. Paul Conrad & Israel 8:00 Marie Antoinette Cartoons from the French Revolution Check out the Galle…
Before President Obama white washes his legacy in his book, we need to set the record straight.
If corporations have personhood, they should also be liable for the death penalty.
Africa Needs Monetary SovereigntyListen now (52 min) | Africa does not need to be filled with poor, ill and suffering people. It’s a human design. One of Africa’s biggest problems: Afr…
Robert Granniss
Police State for Black & Brown People: Part 2 Listen now (63 min) | Today is part two of my two part conversation with Shavone Torres, a core person for Black Lives Matter New Jersey and network re…
Beware of the State Department brand of Compatible Socialism.  It makes life worse for all of us.
Benjamin Norton
How preemption laws ties in with Karl Marx' concept of the "dictatorship of the proletariat"
Police State for Black & Brown PeopleListen now (60 min) | This is part one of a two-part conversation. This interview was hosted by Jeff Epstein, who is also the host of the podcast Activ…
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