Latenights with Lenin with Ashlyn PreauxCheck out this week’s latenights with Lenin to see how Lenin perfectly analyzed how strong the racism in USA was/is… and we also discuss if thin…
Too many Americans don't understand the horrors of US regime-change operations.
Between a "ROC" and a Hard Place with Xiangyu part 1Listen now (52 min) | Today, we have Taiwanese-American rapper Xiangxu here to talk to us about the past 100 years of Taiwanese history. 1:00 - What is…
A fresh look at a story made unrecognizable by the cold-war propaganda
Rotten to the Core: Imperialism Throughout HistoryListen now (46 min) | Anti-imperialist network joins us to teach us about imperialism
Sundays with Lenin: In Memory of Count Heyden Today at 1:00 PM, we will be having Pat Coate with a cameo from Stef Zemarano about the what Lenin would say about the eulogies
There and Baku Again with Mammad AzizovListen now (85 min) | A Materialist Analysis of Azerbaijani history
Special: Our Tribute to Mike Gravel
The Rise of the Fourth Reich with Stanislav ThomasListen now (66 min) | A Jewish Lithuanian Dissident speaks about his struggles
Monday Night Stream: Taiwan, China, Trade with Gareth Porter Join us at 7pm tonight!
Monday Night Stream at 7pmThis week, we will be discussing Peru, Yemen, Ukraine and Russia, with Ollie Vargas and Hassan El-Tayyab
Sundays with Lenin: Tina Desiree BergToday, we will be doing “Where to begin” “Once Again about the Duma Cabinet”