Why The Left Needs History

Cynical Imperialists Weaponize Human Rights, History provides a better picture

Just when we thought that Trump and his squad of neocon war criminals’ attempt at a coup in Venezuela had failed, we see this statement from the OAS (anagram for SOA or The School of Americas).

Their methods for manufacturing consent has not changed. Just like they did in Iraq I, Iraq 2, Libya and Syria (with bloody hand graphic), they are accusing President Maduro of being a brutal dictator who oppresses his own people, the Venezuelan people are suffering and US humanitarian intervention will alleviate the suffering.

Just like they did in Iraq I, Iraq 2, Libya and Syria, the Democratic party’s response has ranged from actively cheering on and agreeing with Trump, and his cohorts, to implicitly making their moral argument stronger.

That was until Ilhan Omar brought up El Mozote. At this point, no one can say, “Status quo is worse than what will happen if the US invades” because we know, when the US invades, thousands of people gets massacred. It flips the moral argument to the point that now, even some regime backers are forced to address the horrors.

Plea for Support

This is why I want to build a project that focuses on history while paying attention to current events. In fact, the people who oversaw El Mozote, like Eliot Abrams, are in charge of the current regime change plan.

We need to bring our strong critique of imperialism through a historical lens to succeed. We didn’t do this for Iraq or Libya, but let us start now.

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