*Teknikully Americans are indoctrinated and not propagandized Americans

Yes, I know *Teknikully is misspelled. It’s me making fun of the facile nature of this argument.

Ben Shapiro is the most famous purveyor of the *Teknikullly argumentation tactic:

Statement: He is a pedophile.

*Teknikully it was ehebophilia.

This weekend, I discovered the problem has infected the entire country! Americans now confuse life with debate club. It began with a benign observation, and ended with me understanding this was a side-effect of George W. Bush and his war-criminal regime’s policies.

The screen shot I used had the most direct admission, by the CIA, that the 1956 Hungarian revolt was a fascist uprising. If I were to make a checklist of “What is a Nazi” it would be “anti-slav, anti-Rumanian, anti-Czechoslovakian, anti-semitic, and anti-communist…. christian, pro-german and pro-Western.” Another CIA document written by Ukrainian fascist Yaroslav Stetsko also had the same exact quote:

I read more than 100 CIA documents, many testimonials from the so-called dissidents themselves, photos, videos, documents from the Hungarian government and more2. I made a silly joke to make it clear that no-one involved disagrees with the following assertion: The 1956 Hungarian uprising was indeed a fascist uprising.

To my astonishment, a member of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA), quote tweeted me with an asinine response:

*Teknikully, the CIA and the USSR are both…

That is absurd.

Assuming a socialist would never accidentally support Nazis, I naively clarified the point with a quote from one of the participants, who along with his father, admitted:

Unfortunately, knowing the fact that one of the participants FOUGHT FOR ADOLF HITLER, didn’t stop our young friend:

*TEKNIKULLY, you are bringing up Adolf Hitler.

*Teknikully be workers fighting for freedom.

“No they lynched Jews. This man was the head of the Hungarian Secret Police. He had done excellent work tracking down some of the worst Nazis and brought them to trial. Because of his work, Hungary had recently executed two Nazi war criminals.”

I responded with more context:

  • They cut his heart out and played with it.

  • They killed only jewish police officers and spared non-jews.

For the life of me, I could not understand what was going on. I blamed “ACAB” which meant “All Cops Are Bad.” Maybe, this hashtag has confused young people into supporting Nazis lynching a Jewish police officer.

I made the following statement:

Unfortunately for me, a young attorney, who is supposedly trained in the basics of cite-checking weighed in with her *TEKNIKULLY argument.

Spoiler that is surprising to no one: NED-sponsored “protest.” There was nothing to protest and no one wanted to protest. She was a victim of regime-change propaganda. Again, instead of accepting defeat, she tried to argue her point further, which lead me to find this gem:

Finally, I understood what happened: No Child Left Behind had trained them to take tests instead of gain knowledge.

(Unfortunately, I exceeded my word limit, but I will continue with how we have spawned a nation of *Teknikully, nerds)

I apologize. In my haste, I forgot to include my sources. Enjoy