No, TYT, there is no Progressive Case for Imperialism- Part 1

Tyt's guest is wrong

Two nights ago, TYT had on Pilar Marrero, a Venezuelan by birth, who lived in the USA since 1986. She claimed that there was a progressive case against Maduro. I have now watched the entire clip and I will be debunking her claims one by one. 

Economic Contraction

At 0:47, Pilar Marrero claims that Venezuela had 6 straight years of economic contraction.  Economic contraction means there is a decline in national output as measured by the gross domestic product or every year since 2013, Venezuela's GDP is lower than the previous year.  Here is reality:

Source: Country Economy


At 1:05, she claims "Venezuela has become authoritarian and repressive."  
Repression means a brutal crackdown on dissent.  Well, here is Juan Guaido swearing himself in as President, and yet he is allowed to move freely while undermining the government.

At 1:15 she Pilar Marrero refers to  the UN Human Rights Council Chief's letter last week.  Let's read what Michelle Bachelet says is her primary concern:

Although this pervasive and devastating economic and social crisis began before the imposition of the first economic sanctions in 2017 , I am concerned that the recent sanctions on financial transfers related to the sale of Venezuelan oil within the United States may contribute to aggravating the economic crisis, with possible repercussions on people's basic rights and wellbeing.

As for extrajudicial killings, 205 people were killed in 2018, and 37 people were killed in 2019 in Venezuela. Although terrible, if the mere presence of extra-judicial killings were enough to authorize a military invasion, let's compare Venezuela with the US.

I can't wait to have Venezuela invade the USA for human rights violations!

At 1:23, she accuses President Maduro of killing of opposition leaders. Leopoldo Lopez is well and alive. His wife even admitted that Maduro saved his life from more extreme rightwingers. Juan Guaido is also alive because we witnessed him in this video taken yesterday. So who were the opposition leaders that Maduro has been killing?

Cenk asks,"Do you agree with John Bolton that we need to invade?" After a bit of hemming and hawing, at 2:25 Pilar Marrero says her " moderate, apolitical brother who works at a bank thinks the situation is untenable."

Election Fraud

At 5:32: Pilar says, "Last two elections by Maduro were extremely problematic. I would say straight out fraudulent." 

In 2013, the Carter Center called it "consistent, fair and free."  As for 2018, Maduro invited observers from anywhere to come and observe the election.  Oddly enough, the Opposition requested that the UN not come and monitor the election

The Venezuelan Opposition

At 5:49, Pilar Marrero says "The opposition is a very broad group of people that go from the left to the moderate right.  There are no really hard right in Venezuela."

Oh really?


Of course, Russia was invoked.  But, Russia is there because the US tried to overthrow the government recently with its "food aid" stunt.


At 7:25, Pilar Marrero said that progressives needed to push Venezuela into some kind of negotiation.  Lucky for her, AMLO offered to mediate. Maduro accepted the negotiation.  Guaido rejected it


At 7:49, she claims real sanctions did not happen until 2017. According to the State Department, her assertion is false.

In conclusion, the first 8 minutes were filled with false assertions and lies.   

Here is Part 2