Today, we will be talking about Comedy, Capitalism, Lenin and Ron Placone’s newest projects!
Gangster's Paradise: History of Afghanistan from 1973- now with Sangar Paykhar Part 1Listen now (55 min) | The US media seems suddenly concerned about all the women in Afghanistan right now. However, life has been hell for women in Afgh…
Spilling the Milk-Tea with Brian Berletic Listen now (57 min) | US, China, Myanmar and Thailand: what is going on
Latenight's with Lenin: Guest Daniel LeeWe discuss why we need a new constitutional amendment with Daniel Lee
The true story of the Berlin wall and the two Germanies
The True story of the Wall
The Nation of Islamic Republic of Iran with Setareh SadeqiListen now (61 min) | Learn about the history between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Nation of Islam
What Color is Your Revolution? with Angelo GiulianoListen now (85 min) | Understanding what is going on in Myanmar and Hong Kong
Latenights With Lenin: Meg MacphersonJoin us today with Meg from Fred Hampton Leftists to talk about “Political Agitation from the Class Point of View” and why Bane is the Hero of B…
Between a ROC and a Hard Place - Part 2Listen now (48 min) | We learn about the history of Taiwan
Late Night With Lenin: Fiorella IsabelToday, Fiorella Isabel from Convo Couch joins us to talk about “Constitutional Illusions”
Latenights with Lenin with Ashlyn PreauxCheck out this week’s latenights with Lenin to see how Lenin perfectly analyzed how strong the racism in USA was/is… and we also discuss if thin…